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When people are broke, they tend to not turn money down. Johnny has no job and is broke. Weel, lucky him the Bait Bus is in town. This guy got on and went for a ride of his life. Watch more free videos and pictures here at BAITBUS!

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Aiden walkimg in the rain and offered him a ride. This guy was hesitant at first but gave in. He didn’t want to get more wet then what he was. Idiot! Of course the always gets what we want 🙂

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So after offering some bucks we finally get him to give up that bday dick. Enjoy

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We hit up the Art district to find us some hot bait. We find us a man walking around and we throw him a bone, with out a hiccup he bites. Check out what happened next at BAIT BUS.

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This guy is muscular and perfect for what Andrew is looking for. Things get crazy on the Bait bus. Blind-folds, dick-sucking and betrayal. Enjoy!

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This guy gets bling-folded and his dick sucked. By Alex. Money came into play and anal came into action. Normally the man we pick up does the fuckin, but Tanner’s dick couldn’t get hard… Watch more free videos and pictures from BAITBUS!